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Sand Trailers

Our sand trailers are engineers for maximum durability and efficiency. With innovative design features, they provide secure and efficient transportation of sand, even in the most demanding conditions. From hydraulic systems to advanced suspension, our trailers are built for reliability.
Maxxim sand trailers boast a range of features designed for optimal convenience and efficiency, making them stand out in the industry. Equipped with Hendrickson Suspension and robust 23k axles complemented by ABS brakes and automatic slack adjusters, these trailers ensure a smooth and reliable ride. The inclusion of LED lights, custom-made wire harness, and large ladders at both the front and rear enhance visibility and accessibility. The 50,000 lb. Two-speed landing gear ensures secure stabilization, while anti-sail mud flaps and a registration holder contribute to overall safety and compliance. The trailers also feature reflective red/white D.O.T. conspicuity tape for added visibility. Crafted with durability in mind, the aluminum body with a steel powder-coated sub-frame provides a sturdy foundation, available in standard colors of white or black. Moreover, the automatic gates, powered by Kramble Motors, further streamline the loading and unloading processes, making Maxxim sand trailers the epitome of functionality and innovation.
Easy Open Doors
Hendrickson Suspension & 23k Axles ABS Brakes Automatic Slack Adjusters

LED Lights

Custom Made Wire Harness

Large Ladders Front & Rear

50,000 lb. Two-Speed Landing Gear

Anti-Sail Mud Flaps

Registration Holder

Reflective Red/White D.O.T Conspicuity Tape

Aluminum Body w/steel powder coated sub-frame
Standard Colors: White or Black
Automatic Gates (Kramble Motors)

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