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Sand Silos

Maxxim Industries’ sand silos are the epitome of storage efficiency. These silos are designed to keep your sand dry and ready for use. They are constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering to ensure your sand remains uncontaminated and readily accessible.”

Maxxim’s cutting-edge sand silos redefine efficiency and performance in the industry. With an impressive capacity of 500,000 lbs. per silo and a total onsite capacity of 3,000,000 lbs., these silos offer unmatched storage capabilities. The incorporation of load cells ensures precise determination of the loaded weight, providing accurate and reliable data for streamlined operations. Setting a new standard for convenience, Maxxim’s sand silos boast an incredibly quick setup time, requiring less than 30 minutes for deployment. Additionally, the implementation of a closed-loop system for dust control and mitigation underscores Maxxim’s commitment to environmental responsibility and safety. This innovative feature not only enhances operational cleanliness but also contributes to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach, making Maxxim’s sand silos a top choice for industries requiring both high capacity and advanced technology.

Capacity per silo: 500,000 lbs., total onsite capacity: 3,000,000 lbs.

Load Cell to determine loaded weight

Dust Control & Mitigation achieved through A closed loop system
Set up time : less than 30 minutes

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