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Sand Conveyors

Our conveyors are the backbone of efficient sand handling. They are designed to move sand smoothly and effectively, reducing manual labor and enhancing overall workflow. With options from customization, our conveyors can be tailored to meet your specific operational needs.
Maxxim’s sand conveyors epitomize efficiency and flexibility in bulk material transport. With an impressive capacity of 500 tons per hour, these conveyors ensure swift and continuous movement of materials, meeting the demands of high-volume operations. Notably, Maxxim’s conveyors are engineered for seamless transitions, requiring only 2-3 minutes to switch from transport trailer to silo, reducing downtime and optimizing productivity. The incorporation of a closed-loop system for dust control and mitigation underscores Maxxim’s commitment to environmental responsibility and safety, maintaining a clean and hazard-free working environment. Adding to their adaptability, Maxxim’s sand conveyors can effortlessly convert into transportation mode, providing users with unparalleled convenience and versatility. These features collectively position Maxxim’s sand conveyors as a reliable and innovative solution for industries seeking efficient, adaptable, and environmentally conscious material handling.
500 tons per hour capacity
2-3 minutes transition time from transport trailer to silo
Dust Control & Mitigation achieved through A closed loop system
Easily CONVERTS into transportation mode

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